In-Store Retail Execution — Now and in Future!

The legacy process of in-store data collection through manual audits leaves Consumer Goods companies with inaccurate and inconsistent data. Image Recognition and AI solutions are changing the game of how retail execution is conducted.

Image Recognition and AI will be a crucial part of gathering accurate in-store retail execution data in real-time and at scale. What does the future of retail execution look like — A comparison in a visual infographic between manual audit process and computer vision powered image recognition.

retail execution using manual aduits
image recognition in retail execution

Infilect is a Cloud-based Enterprise SaaS company building world-class image recognition AI platforms for consumer goods retail to help significantly lift their store sales and marketing performance.

Our Computer vision powered platforms help consumer goods manufacturers gain most accurate, contextual and real-time execution insights of their in-store product, promotion and pricing strategies, at scale. We have served global fortune 100 CPG brands such as P&G, Britannia, Lowes, AbinBev and more.

If you wish to explore how Image Recognition and AI solutions can help your retail business, talk to us today! —




AI-powered Image Recognition for World-Wide Retail

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AI-powered Image Recognition for World-Wide Retail

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