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How can Image Recognition solutions go beyond just providing real-time visibility of your store shelves and execution, and provide answers to vexing questions concerning retail business in the future? We answer it all in this 4 part series!

Digital transformation in retail is not just about the technology that’s available today — it’s about how well can it align with your vision for the future. Be it Image Recognition or AI, the physical retail business should brace against an inevitable ‘ digital wave’.

Over a few decades, Retail manufacturers relied on legacy approaches to audit their store merchandise and gain…

The legacy process of in-store data collection through manual audits leaves Consumer Goods companies with inaccurate and inconsistent data. Image Recognition and AI solutions are changing the game of how retail execution is conducted.

Image Recognition and AI will be a crucial part of gathering accurate in-store retail execution data in real-time and at scale. What does the future of retail execution look like — A comparison in a visual infographic between manual audit process and computer vision powered image recognition.

When delighting your in-store customers, all roads must lead through the supply chain, creative store fulfillment, and better management of store shelves. Read how Image Recognition and AI can help hep monitor your store shelves but also optimize in-store execution.

The art of in-store selling is straightforward; provide the right products to the right customers, at the right place and time, better than all of your competitors. Store execution isn’t any more complicated than that — but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

Poor execution practices and non-compliance by retailers cost manufacturers approximately $3.7 …


We present an ‘all you need to know’ guide on how in-store digitalization and image recognition can optimize your store execution and help boost same-store sales!

This story has been originally published on Infilect blog.

‍What is image recognition?

Image recognition is the ability of a system, combining IoT and AI, to accurately process and interpret content from any visual media, say an image or a video. This is made possible through technologies such as Computer Vision and trained Deep Learning algorithms to decode every image down to its pixels, and identify all objects, people, places and convert them into intelligent and comprehensible data…


AI-powered Image Recognition for World-Wide Retail

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